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Woman applying moisturizer on face

About Aloe Esta

Aloe Vera looks like a cactus, but is in fact a member of the Lily family. Naturally found in tropical climates it has been used by humans for 1000's of years.

A plant of many surprises, it is best known as an addition to many cosmetic or skin care products. However, its uses are legendary and this curious plant with its spiky leaves is truly extraordinary.

One of nature's finest moisturizers, pure Aloe Vera, is present here in high concentration. Non-oily, penetrating Aloe Vera softens and revitalizes chapped, moisture-starved skin and helps normal skin retain moisture. Replenish moisture after exposure to wind or sun with soothing Aloe-Esta. Excellent for use as a daily moisturizer for your entire body.

Aloe-Esta is far beyond your normal lotion. Its unique balance and blend of nutrients, vitamins and emollients allow for the full benefits of aloe vera to help restore even the most seriously dry skin

“At an Amish sale in May of this year near midland Michigan they had your product there. I was hesitant at first, coming back to the booth more then once, debating if it was a gimmick or if it maybe really was worth the price. Well I decided to make the purchase and it is one of the best decisions I have made. It cleared up my daughters skin within a very short time! ”
Christine Miller
Muskegon, Mi.

"I am a nurse and am washing my hands all the time and I just love how it keeps them moisturized with out reapplying it all the time."
W. Mollier
Madison, Wi.


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"I purchased your Aloe Esta at a home show in Chicago and have to say it's the best lotion I have ever used lasts all day totally non-greasy. Thanks for a great product.'"
Mike Powers
Ft. Atkinson Wi.

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