About Aloe Esta
Aloe Vera looks like a cactus, but is in fact a member of the Lily family. Naturally found in tropical climates it has been used by humans for 1000's of years.
A plant of many surprises, it is best known as an addition to many cosmetic or skin care products. However, its uses are legendary and this curious plant with its spiky leaves is truly extraordinary.

One of nature's finest moisturizers, pure Aloe Vera, is present here in high concentration. Non-oily, penetrating Aloe Vera softens and revitalizes chapped, moisture-starved skin and helps normal skin retain moisture. Replenish moisture after exposure to wind or sun with soothing Aloe-Esta. Excellent for use as a daily moisturizer for your entire body.

Aloe-Esta is far beyond your normal lotion. Its unique balance and blend of nutrients, vitamins and emollients allow for the full benefits of aloe vera to help restore even the most seriously dry skin.

Vitamin C helps repair damaged skin. Aloe-Esta with vitamin C has been shown to increase collagen production, which decreases the appearance of wrinkles.

Vitamin E hydrates dry, chapped skin and helps soothe the discomfort caused by sun exposure. This skin care cream contains high-potency Vitamin E lotion, a natural antioxidant, to slow the burning, blistering, and peeling from sunburn and provides a natural barrier to moisture loss.

Shea Butter contains several natural anti-inflammatory agents and is also known for its penetrating and healing properties.  

Aloe Esta Hydrating Body Lotion
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The Aloe-Esta Company does not test our products or ingredients on animals. Nor do we commission others to do so.  We never have and never will. 
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Information On Aloe Vera Skin Care Products As Natural Eczema Cures

Most skin care products with Aloe Vera in them have cosmetic purposes. These products include make up, moisturizing lotions, and so many others. Some Aloe Vera products, however, can be categorized as natural eczema cures. This is especially true if Aloe Vera is the main and active ingredient of these products. But is there really any evidence or information to justify the use of Aloe Vera as natural remedies for eczema?

When we look into the composition of Aloe Vera, a lot of the plant’s ingredients actually support numerous claims regarding its positive and healing effects on eczema. The varying components of Aloe Vera all have different effects on eczema, helping hand in hand to deliver a multitude of positive effects including the treatment of eczema rashes, faster recovery after a recent flare up, and the prevention of future recurrences.

Reason #1 - Aloe Vera Counteracts Inflammation

Aloe Vera can treat eczema because it counteracts inflammation. Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition and Aloe Vera’s ability to counteract this skin inflammation helps reduce any present rashes you may have.

Numerous studies have been made about this anti inflammatory effect of Aloe Vera. One study showed the effectiveness of Aloe Vera in reducing induced arthritis in rats. The interesting fact about this study is that the inflammation of the rats’ joints were reduced by almost 50 percent. A more detailed study identified bradykinase as the main anti inflammatory agent found in Aloe Vera. Bradykinase helps break down bradykinin which is contributory to inflammation. Even more significant than these studies was a research which suggests that Aloe Vera is just as effective as anti inflammatory drugs in reducing inflammation.

Reason #2 - Aloe Vera Speeds Up The Healing Of Eczema Rashes

Aloe Vera eczema products can also serve as natural eczema cures because they can speed up the healing process of eczema rashes. In particular, it is the vitamins C and E in Aloe Vera which provide it with this function. Both vitamins C and E help the skin recover from the skin inflammation associated with eczema by promoting the proliferation of new and healthy skin cells. These healthy skin cells with then replace those that have been damaged by eczema.

The immune boosting effect of vitamin C and other Aloe Vera components like polysaccharides, vitamin B12, and Beta Carotene also helps in the treatment of eczema. Since these vitamins improve the immune system, they help in the activation of macrophages. Macrophages are among the most basic units of the immune system and are responsible in cleaning up the “debris” left by all kinds of inflammation – including skin inflammation. By cleaning up these debris, wound healing is also optimized.

Reason #3 - Aloe Vera Promotes Blood Flow

In one study made about eczema, it was found that topical application of Aloe Vera on a wound actually promoted blood flow to the area. Improved blood flow is one of the important keys in the treatment of eczema as well as aid in a faster recovery because the blood is the “highway” for the macrophages that were mentioned earlier. More importantly, blood also carries oxygen, vitamins, and polysaccharides which altogether help skin cells move “faster” to treat rashes.

Reason #4 - The Vitamin C In Aloe Vera Is A Natural Antihistamine

Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine and antihistamines are standard treatments for eczema that’s triggered by allergens. Aloe Vera is rich in vitamin C and using natural eczema cures that have extracts of this plant as a main ingredient can help you treat your eczema especially if it’s triggered by an allergen. Feasting on an Aloe Vera salad during an episode of allergic eczema can also help.
Reason #1 - Aloe Vera Moisturizes The Skin

Aloe Vera is well known for its moisturizing effects on the skin. People with nummular eczema or other type of eczema that’s triggered by dry skin can benefit the most out of this plant because it can moisturize their skin. Research shows that the combination of water and polysaccharides in Aloe Vera gives it its skin moisturizing properties. A well moisturized skin is also a sign of good skin health and healthier skin is less resistant to skin irritation which may lead to the recurrence of eczema.

Reason #6 - Aloe Vera Makes The Immune System More Robust

Polysaccharides, vitamin C, vitamin B12, and Beta Carotene all have one thing in common – they can improve the body’s immune system. A robust immune system is useful in fighting of eczema especially if your eczema is triggered by poor immunity or an illness. People with sebaceous dermatitis can benefit the most out of Aloe Vera because their condition can be triggered by illness and a lousy immune system.
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